How to beat modern scam

How to Beat Modern Scam

Michael RappModern

The metagame varies greatly at any given Regional Championship Qualifier, but there is one constant: Scam players will be there. The density of this deck may change, but assuming those players are practiced, they’ll likely be floating around the top tables. So today, we’re going to teach you how to beat Modern Scam. Given that, there are two schools of thought …

Top Modern Decks to Win Your Regional Championship Qualifier With

Mason ClarkModern

Modern has so many decks, so how are you supposed to know which to play for your next Regional Championship Qualifier? Well, I have you covered. I’m going to cover a few decks today that I think are great choices to win your next event (note that just because your deck didn’t make it on this short list doesn’t mean …

Fun and Underappreciated Decks to Play in Pioneer

Fun and Underappreciated Decks to Play in Pioneer

Mason ClarkPioneer

Pioneer is one of Magic’s most diverse formats. The threat pool is large while the answers are fewer in number, meaning many decks can execute a diverse array of game plans and succeed. And while the meta has produced a handful of “best decks,” it’s still possible to have fun with a Pioneer deck your opponent rarely runs into.  Today, …

Regional Championship Prep Pioneer

Regional Championship Prep, April 2023: Pioneer

Michael RappPioneer, Strategy

The current Regional Championship season has just begun, and it is the first of the format locked seasons. This means every constructed RCQ for the next few months will be Pioneer.  In many areas, Modern RCQs have had higher attendance than Pioneer RCQs during the last couple of seasons, so there is certainly a contingent of players who are looking …

Pioneer Tier List December 2022

Pioneer Tier List: December 2022

Mason ClarkPioneer, Strategy

Despite a Standard focused San Diego Regional Championship on the horizon, we’re back to Pioneer Regional Championship Qualifier season again! With eyes turning back to this format, we made a tier list of all the top decks to see where things have shaken out post Dreamhack Atlanta. That way, when the season starts on Jan. 7, you’re ready to lock …

Tips for your first RCQ

What to know before your first RCQ

Chris CornejoStrategy

With Regional Championship Qualifier Season in full swing, many folks will be returning to competitive paper Magic after a long hiatus. However, for some players, this will be their first foray into organized play. We recently covered what you should bring to a CommandFest, and while a lot of that information will transfer well to preparing for an RCQ, competitive …