Rotation 2022 grab these commander cards

Commander Cards to Pick Up for 2022 Rotation

Kristen Gregory Commander

It’s that time again — rotation 2022 — which means it’s time to say goodbye to four Standard sets. Zendikar Rising, Kaldheim, Strixhaven: School of Mages, and Adventures in the Forgotten Realms will rotate out come September.  This year, rotation is on Friday, Sept. 9. After that date, the above sets will no longer be Standard legal.  With the loss …

Going last in EDH

How Much Does Going Last in EDH Suck?

Kristen Gregory Commander, Strategy

Going last in EDH can feel pretty miserable – especially if more than one of your opponents get a speedy start. But just how bad is it to go last? Is it blown out of proportion? Kristen entertains some of the arguments.  Going last in Commander: it’s something we all pray to never happen, and when it happens consecutively, it …

Has Red Been Fixed in Commander?

Has Red been fixed in Commander?

Scott Cullen Commander

Red has changed. Not too long ago, some players called on Wizards of the Coast to “fix” Red in Commander. At the time, that slice of the color pie felt in need of a boost, much like how White felt not too long ago.  While still powerful in formats where Burn decks thrived, Red was far from a good place …

Karlach best backgrounds in EDH

Don’t Sleep on Karlach, Fury of Avernus | EDH

Kristen Gregory Commander, Strategy

Karlach, Fury of Avernus is a powerful extra combat Commander from Battle for Baldur’s Gate. Kristen takes us through five colors of Karlach, with her Background recommendations and strategies in EDH.  KARLACH, FURY OF AVERNUS Karlach, Fury of Avernus is a powerful Magic card. You can tell because the rate at which you get its extra combat effect is a …

The case for 1v1 Commander

Why You Should be Playing 1v1 Commander

Tom Anderson Commander

For most of its first two decades, Magic was designed and marketed as a competitive discipline — a puzzle to solve with tournaments as its apex experience. However, while it may be hard to imagine now, Commander was once an upstart format which defied that default assumption about how and why people play Magic. Elder Dragon Highlander (and later Commander) …

Budget commander

Even more budget equivalents to Commander staples

Scott Cullen Commander

There’s no denying that the ubiquity of pricey Commander staples can make them feel like required game pieces, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Generally speaking, budget has very little impact on power level when building a Commander deck. After all, as I explained in the first installment of this topic, many popular cards are expensive either because …

Cosima EDH art

Jumping through hoops is fun with Cosima Landfall in EDH

Kristen Gregory Commander

Kristen takes us on a voyage with her Cosima Landfall EDH deck. She highlights how it’s fun to put aside straightforward decks to jump through hoops from time to time. Hey folks! Last week I covered five great Commanders to try Battle for Baldur’s Gate’s new Background enchantments with, and one of the options I mentioned was Cosima, God of …

Building a Modular Commander Deck

Scott Cullen Commander

Why build one Commander deck when you could build four? Backgrounds make the more accessible than ever, as Scott tries it out! It’s nice to have a wide range of decks to play with. You can play a number of different strategies to suit the mood, and since there are so many, they’ll keep you engaged and interested for a …

5 Commanders that Love Baldur’s Gate Backgrounds in the 99

Kristen Gregory Commander

While there are many options for Commander and background pairings, Backgrounds are still great in the 99. Kristen highlights five Commanders that get a lot of mileage out of backgrounds in the 99.  Backgrounds are an exciting new mechanic from Battle for Baldur’s Gate. While they are primarily used as an enchantment that works like a Partner in the Command …