Dominaria United Commander Set review

Dominaria United: Commander Set Review

Kristen Gregory Commander

Dominaria United is upon us, and many Commander players just want to know what the best cards in the set are. Today, I’ll break down what’s great from the set. DMU has a bunch of cards aimed at Standard and some pretty niche effects, too. I won’t be covering these, as they don’t add enough value to your collection. We’re …

Dominaria United Painbow Precon Upgrade Guide

Dominaria United: Painbow Precon Upgrade Guide

Tom Anderson Commander, Strategy

Dominaria United is bringing Commander back to the home plane of Magic at last, with its deep wellspring of legacy characters and lore references stretching back almost 30 years. It’s appropriate, then, that the primary commander choice for today’s Painbow precon upgrade guide is also making his triumphant return after a prolonged absence: TIP OF THE WUBRG Once upon a …

Legends Legacy Precon Upgrade guide

Legends’ Legacy Precon Upgrade Guide

Scott Cullen Commander, Products

Dominaria United is here, and it’s shaping up to be an epic set featuring countless legends, both new and returning. The main themes are legendary creatures and domain, and the preconstructed Commander decks releasing alongside the main set reflect these concepts. Today, I’ll be taking a look at the Legends’ Legacy precon — a deck that wants to leverage the …

Compare and Contrast, Legends Retold

Compare and contrast: MTG Legends Retold

Tom Anderson Commander

Dominaria United preview season is officially over, and as expected when returning to the original home plane of Magic, Wizards of the Coast served us a full portion of nostalgia. While the new storyline with Phyrexia is quite reminiscent of (and full of callbacks to) Invasion, there’s an even deeper layer of references to MTG history with the Legends Retold …

Playing with Planeswalkers as Commanders

Playing with Planeswalker Commanders

Scott Cullen Commander, Strategy

Commander is all about identity. Most decks are focused on the commanders and the influence they have on the deck: the colors you can play are decided by them, and the themes and style of play are intrinsically linked to their abilities. Some of the most unique deck identities come from a particular type of commander: planeswalkers. Some planeswalkers are …

Seven Commander decks to own

Seven Decks Every Commander Player Should Own

Scott Cullen Commander, Strategy

Commander is, perhaps, the largest sandbox environment in gaming. There are countless commanders, cards and archetypes available — to the point where it’s impossible to build every combination. Many Commander players can struggle with this extreme level of choice, and decision paralysis is something I personally experience often when deciding on decks to build. However, there is a sort of …