Warhammer 40k ten Cards for your Commander decks

Warhammer 40k: 10 Cards for your Commander Decks

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The new Warhammer 40k Commander decks are here, and for fans of the tabletop game, there’s an epic crossover to be found. For entrenched Magic players, though, there are also new cards to brew with. But what’s worth picking up? Let’s explore 10 cards worth checking out. TOXICRENE Toxicrene has one interesting design. Four mana for a 2/4 reach Deathtouch …

UNFINITY stickers in eternal formats

UNFINITY Spoilers Reveal Sticky Situation for Eternal Formats

Tom AndersonUncategorized

UNFINITY, like any Un-set, continues a 25-year tradition of having fun by stretching Magic to its limits as a game. However, Wizards of the Coast is breaking with tradition by making half the set playable in eternal formats like Legacy, Vintage and Commander, where tournaments sometimes take place. While adding more cards to these formats is usually cause for celebration, …

History of Dominaria part 1

The History of Dominaria, Part 1

Chris CornejoUncategorized

Dominaria United is still more than  a month away, but that gives us enough time to delve into a very expansive topic: the history of Dominaria as a plane. For folks newer to Magic, or those who just never paid any attention to the story, the first thing to know is that for a long, long time, Dominaria was The …

Statement on Card Kingdom’s partnership with Michael David Lynch

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Today, Card Kingdom has ended its partnership with Michael David Lynch and I Hate Your Deck, effective immediately. Card Kingdom began its sponsorship of Michael Lynch’s show I Hate Your Deck starting in January 2022. A Buzzfeed article, published on March 9, 2022, included several accusations against Michael Lynch, host of the YouTube show I Hate Your Deck. These accusations …

A Message From Our Founders

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Dear Card Kingdom Customer, Recently, we’ve heard from you that some of our packaging has been ineffective in protecting orders. We’ve read the threads and tickets, and it’s been beneficial to listen to your candid feedback. We’re grateful to our customers for highlighting where we need improvement. We also want to share that we are making changes and will continue …

Card Kingdom’s Kaldheim Standard Deck Contest

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Kaldheim has arrived on MTG Arena, so it’s time to start brewing new Standard decks and updating existing strategies. Think you have the best deck for the Arena ladder? We want to see it! Submit your Standard decklist via this form and you’ll have a chance to have your deck featured in our next Standard article on Thursday, February 4th. …

Double Masters MTG Giveaway

Card Kingdom’s Double Masters Giveaway

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Hey, Card Kingdom community! In celebration of unleashing twice the power with Double Masters, we’re doing a giveaway for a draft booster box of Double Masters! Here are the rules and conditions for our social media giveaway. HOW TO ENTER: Retweet this tweet on the Card Kingdom Twitter account. In addition, you must be following the @Card_Kingdom Twitter account. CONTEST ENTRY PERIOD: The Card …


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Do you enjoy writing about Magic: The Gathering? Come join our team! Card Kingdom produces fun and educational content for Magic players of all skill and experience levels. We’re here to celebrate everything players love about the game: the competition, the creativity, and the connections Magic creates between us. If this sounds like a good fit for you, please fill …

How We Are Fighting COVID-19

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Dear Card Kingdom Customer, We have had customers reach out asking if we are still taking orders. The answer is yes, our operations are still operating to meet all your Magic: The Gathering needs! However, due to the current pandemic, we have changed our procedures, and for transparency sake, we want to let you know what that includes. First, we have shifted our employee schedules to increase …