Science! Upgrade Guide

Science! Fallout Commander Precon Upgrade Guide

Kristen GregoryCommander, Products

Fallout is the newest Universes Beyond set, and it releases with four new Commander decks. Science! Is the Jeskai artifacts precon that focuses on the Energy mechanic. Energy was last supported in Kaladesh block, so how does the mechanic shape up with a dedicated Commander and new cards? Science! New Fallout Commanders The face Commander of Science! is Dr. Madison …

The Definitive Review of Fallout Commander Cards

The Definitive Review of the New Fallout Commander Cards

Kristen GregoryCommander

Four new Commander decks hit on March 8th, with Universes Beyond: Fallout joining the UB roster. What will you discover in the Wild Wasteland? Kristen sits down to review the offerings.  Fallout is a game I loved playing. Fallout 3, specifically. I put so many hours into that game. The sense of foreboding and discovery was an intoxicating combination, and …

Mutant Menace Upgrade Guide

Mutant Menace Upgrade Guide

Chris CornejoCommander, Products

Mutant Menace, one of the new Universes Beyond: Fallout Commander decks, is a Blue-Black-Green deck that features one of the most popular deck themes, but with a twist. This is a counters deck, but not +1/+1 counters or anything like that; we’re working with the brand-new Rad counters!  The Wasteland of Fallout is an irradiated caricature of America, and one …

Hail, Caesar Upgrade Guide

Hail, Caesar Upgrade Guide

Tom AndersonCommander, Products

The big design challenge for Universes Beyond: Fallout is how to adapt such a sprawling, storied franchise into just four Commander precons. Wizards seems to have based each deck on one of the Wasteland’s largest and most recognizable factions, and then added other characters and references from the games which share a similar ideology. The Hail, Caesar precon deck is, …

Scrappy Survivors Upgrade Guide

Scrappy Survivors Upgrade Guide

Jacob LacknerCommander, Products

The next Universes Beyond set is Fallout, which releases on March 8th! The bulk of the set consists of four new Commander precons. Each of these decks has an iconic character from the franchise as its Commander. The Naya Scrappy Survivors deck features everyone’s favorite post-apocalyptic pup: Dogmeat, and it focuses on equipment and auras. In this article, I’ll review …