Commander Archetype Inspection: Lands

Commander Archetype Inspection: Lands

Tom AndersonCommander, Strategy

Magic has been around for long enough to spin off hundreds of unique mechanics, each with its own unique advantages, dedicated support cards and memorable payoffs. But when you throw them all together in the grand melting pot that is Commander, a few mechanics clearly stand out from the pack. They offer versatile deck building options, consistent performance in different …

Basic Lands Better Than Full Arts

Basic Lands We’d Run Instead of Full Arts

Kristen GregoryCommander

Everyone loves a good Full Art land, from the Ukiyo-e style of Neon Dynasty to the Dominaria United’s Stained Glass — or the classic Zendikar full arts that started it all. But what about the humble Basic land? Well, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to amazing regular Basic lands, so let’s run through some of our favorites. We’d …