Basic Lands Better Than Full Arts

Basic Lands We’d Run Instead of Full Arts

Kristen GregoryCommander

Everyone loves a good Full Art land, from the Ukiyo-e style of Neon Dynasty to the Dominaria United’s Stained Glass — or the classic Zendikar full arts that started it all. But what about the humble Basic land? Well, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to amazing regular Basic lands, so let’s run through some of our favorites. We’d …

Top 10 Showcase art styles in Magic

The Top 10 Showcase Art Styles in Magic

Janel SantaCruz CampbellStandard

Showcase art styles are some of the most flavorful elements of any Magic: The Gathering set since their first appearance in Throne of Eldraine. In March of the Machine, which showcase art treatments are we most excited to see return? As March of the Machine draws near, we’ll soon see heroes across the multiverse of Magic: The Gathering join forces. …