Updating Deaths Shadow With MH2

Updating Death’s Shadow with Modern Horizons 2

Michael RappModern

Modern Horizons 2 has added a wealth of powerful cards to Modern. These cards have bolstered weaker decks, created new decks, and (maybe most importantly) given our favorite decks some new toys. Grixis Death’s Shadow is no exception — in fact, the deck got quite the face lift since the last time we’ve seen it. Let’s take a look!  So, …

4 Pillars of Modern Post MH2

4 Pillars of Modern Post-MH2

Mason ClarkModern

The past few weeks have been a wild time in Modern, as Modern Horizons 2 has injected powerful cards into the format. With MH2 card prices declining and more local game stores hosting events, you may be looking to pick up some new cards and get back into Modern. But what decks should you play, and what sort of metagame …

Affordable New Modern Decks

New Budget Modern Decks with MH2

Scott CullenModern

It may have only been released just a few days ago, but we’re already riding the waves created by Modern Horizon 2’s impact. Modern is a totally new beast, one that’s proving hard to tame into a settled metagame in the weeks since MH2’s early release on Magic Online. This is a great sign, as it means there is plenty …

3 Underrated Modern Decks_Header

3 Underrated Modern Decks

Mason ClarkModern

Modern is in a place of constant innovation right now. The release of Modern Horizons 2 has shaken the format up so much and every week we are seeing people try new and exciting things. Today, we’ll go over three decks that have been flying under the radar, but that have a ton of potential in the format. Naya Yorion …

Commander Decks to Put Your Fetchlands In

Commander Decks to Put Your Fetchlands In

Kristen GregoryCommander

If there’s one type of card that always needs a reprint, it’s fetchlands. In demand for Modern, Legacy, and even Commander, these prize game pieces are much sought after from players of all kinds. Thanks to a reprint in Modern Horizons 2, the enemy fetchlands will be readily available in a booster product for the first time since 2017’s Modern …

Top 10 Cards in MH2

The Top 10 Modern Cards in Modern Horizons 2

Michael RappModern

Spoiler season is one of the most exciting parts of new sets, and Modern Horizons sets are my personal favorite. Modern Horizons had a profound impact on Modern, and Modern Horizons 2 seeks to repeat that success. Curating this list down to just 10 cards proved to be difficult, which is a great sign for the strength of Modern Horizons …

Modern Deck Guide Temur Cascade

Modern Deck Guide: Temur Cascade

Mason ClarkModern

Modern Horizons 2 has already taken Modern by storm on Magic Online, shaking up the metagame and adding a lot more power to the format. After the first weekend of results, one card has risen above the rest — well, one combination of cards: Shardless Agent and Crashing Footfalls. Today, we’ll look at a Temur Cascade deck that placed 2nd …

Modern Horizons 2 Draft Archetypes

Modern Horizons 2 Draft Archetypes

Tom AndersonLimited

The glamorous and much-discussed new Modern Horizons 2 is out in the wild this week, and players have rushed to celebrate its high-powered and exciting draft environment.  The special charm of these Modern Horizons sets comes from WotC’s stated willingness to put aside many of their self-imposed rules for set design. By unleashing their wildest and most challenging card ideas …