Five Ideas for Three Player Magic

Five Ideas for Three Player Magic

Alexander Ortega Commander, Limited, Oathbreaker, Standard

What happens when some friends are looking to draft or get a Commander pod together, but Jenny’s out of town, Spike’s got to work and Timmy’s at his grandma’s birthday? You’re facing down three player Magic and you’re about ready to give up game night. Three can be an awkward number for Commander, after all — and unworkable for a …

Fringe Format: Oathbreaker

Chris Cornejo Community

In Fringe Format, Chris looks at a lesser-known way to play Magic! Oathbreaker is a singleton format like EDH, but with a few key twists! Oathbreaker! A format that was briefly all the rage when it burst onto the scene several years ago, and still exists today, just maybe a little more in the shadow of other singleton formats like …

An Intro to Oathbreaker

Bradley Rose Community, Strategy

“My Squirrels get +10/+10, trample, and haste.” I said this to an opponent while playing one of many Oathbreaker games at MagicFest Seattle. Before that weekend, I had never played this command-zone-oriented format. But by the time the Fest was over, I had played eight Oathbreaker matches and was completely sold on it. Not sure what Oathbreaker is? Interested in …