Deification Across Magic Formats

Deification Across Magic Formats

Tom AndersonOathbreaker, Pioneer, Standard

Planeswalkers may have lost some potency in the multiverse of Magic, but they did receive one exciting new tool: Deification. Tom explores how this enchantment opens up lots of opportunities across formats to build novel decks. For the most powerful mages in Magic’s Multiverse, planeswalkers sure are taking some L’s lately. First March of the Machine thinned their ranks, and …

Planeswalkers changing for the better

Planeswalkers Changing for the Better

Tom AndersonCommander, Legacy, Strategy

With March of the Machine and its Aftermath now both revealed, 2023 looks very much like the end of an era for Magic’s Planeswalkers. Many were casualties of the struggle against Phyrexia, including some who lost their spark and were demoted to mere legendary creatures. But even the survivors can tell their role in the multiverse has changed. In fact, …

March of the Machine Madness Planeswalkers Power Ranking

March of the Machine: Planeswalkers Power Ranking

Chris CornejoMagic Story

Welcome to March of the Machine Madness, where we’re taking the next week to ask you which Magic characters would win in a fight. Considering March of the Machine is taking us all over the multiverse, forcing characters against each other in mortal combat, we thought the timing was perfect. However, we would never just pit two characters against each …

10 Planeswalkers who can Party with Commodore Guff

Ten Planeswalkers Who Can Party with Commodore Guff

Janel SantaCruz CampbellCommander

Planeswalker Party is one of the exciting new precons coming with Commander Masters, and Commodore Guff is leading the charge. But the most important part of any shindig is the guest list, so which planeswalkers are worth inviting? With the announcement of Commander Masters, we’ve learned that a certain, vintage planeswalker from the plane of Dominaria will helm a new …