top 20 zombie cards in magic

Top 20 Zombie Cards in Magic: The Gathering

Tom Anderson Community

A few weeks ago, I explored a ranking of the most hair-raisingly impressive Werewolf cards in Magic, including a few big dogs freshly printed in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. Well, that’s not the only classic horror-monster tribe I’ll be ranking — I just needed an extra week to stitch this one together… There are just SO MANY incredible Zombie cards in …

Crimson Vow Predictions

Innistrad: Crimson Vow Predictions

Tom Anderson Community

How goes the haunting, my fellow magicians of the macabre? We’re getting deep into the spooky season now; Halloween approaches, and with it, the sinister intermission between the two halves of Magic’s ongoing Innistrad double feature! Yes, there’s still plenty of screams to wring out of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt in the remaining month before Innistrad: Crimson Vow hits shelves. Indeed, …

Top 10 Wolf and Werewolf Cards in Magic

Top 10 Wolf and Werewolf Cards in Magic: The Gathering

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“The moon waxes, full and gibbous above Innistrad. Gather round, my packmates! I see many new eyes amid the darkness — as we would expect our numbers to grow during this time of endless moonrise, this… Midnight Hunt.” “But wait! The new blood among us must know who leads the pack before they can play their part in this glorious …

MID draft by the numbers

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Draft By the Numbers

Tom Anderson Limited

I don’t know about you readers, but I’m still howlin’ mad about Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. Drafting this set has been maybe my favorite Limited experience since Zendikar Rising and that includes all sorts of different color combinations and archetypes. If you haven’t tried it out yet, we put out a detailed guide last week which can quickly give you some …

MID draft guide

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Draft Guide

Tom Anderson Limited

Welcome to the CK Draft Guide for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt! The original Innistrad set an extremely high bar for Limited gameplay, frequently described as an all-time favorite by veteran players. It will take more time to properly judge the success of Midnight Hunt against its predecessor, but early signs are strong. The mechanics are novel and intriguing, the pool of …

MTG Mechanic Spotlight: Daybound & Nightbound

Tom Anderson Design

We’ve reached the sunset of another spoiler season, so it’s time to introduce the mechanic which defines Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, if not the plane of Innistrad as a whole!  With a struggle breaking out in the lore over the threat of eternal night, what has previously been of concern to Werewolves alone is now heavily intertwined through all colors and …

MTG Mechanic Spotlight: Coven

Tom Anderson Design, Strategy

“The strong will hunt the weak” seems to be the dominant philosophy of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. But not all denizens of the haunted plane follow such twisted laws of nature! And we can see proof of this resistance in one of the set’s many innovative mechanics: coven. Coven is a green-white mechanic, seen on the witches of Harvesttide, their human …

Pioneer Challenger Decks 2021

Tom Anderson Pioneer, Products

Who’s ready for a challenge?!? It was easy to miss amid the huge raft of new Magic goodies WotC announced last week, but as paper play continues opening back up, we’ll have ourselves a brand new set of Challenger Decks to choose from!  Challenger Decks in general are my favorite preconstructed deck products. They offer terrific value in cards alone, …

A Guide to Magic: The Gathering in 2022

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Wow. If any of you out there joined me in tuning into WotC’s latest big product announcement stream a few hours ago, you know how overwhelming it can be. Our future flashed before our eyes as WotC revealed a year’s worth of new sets, new art, and new worlds – all in under an hour! To help us all keep …

Ranking the Planes: Where Will Magic Return Next?

Tom Anderson Community, Magic Story

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt will be the 90th MTG expansion — a new Standard set which takes place on a particular named world, or plane, within Magic’s multiverse. For the first decade of expansion sets, the multiverse was more of a storytelling conceit or source for new villains, with the majority of sets taking place on Magic’s “home plane” of Dominaria. …