Treasure doesn't need Dockside to be Broken in Commander

Treasure Doesn’t Need Dockside to Be Broken in Commander

Kristen GregoryCommander

Treasure fundamentally changed Magic. Kristen muses on its current place in Limited and Commander, considering if it’s too powerful.  When Treasure first arrived on the scene, it seemed innocent enough. “Sailor of Memes” was the standout, well, meme from Ixalan block, and our experience at that point showed it was new and interesting, provided fixing in a limited environment that …

How to build treasure decks in Commander

How to Build Treasure Decks in Commander

Scott CullenCommander

It’s no secret treasures have been shaping the Commander landscape at all power levels for the past couple of years. In fact, it’s often unusual for a game of Commander to not feature at least a couple of treasure tokens. The count and quality of these cards have even become so great that treasures are the third most popular theme …