Wilds of Eldraine Innovating in Modern

Wilds of Eldraine: Innovating in Modern

Mason ClarkModern

Today we are getting into Modern post Wilds of Eldraine. I have been in the lab brewing and changing some lists up, so today we are going over those decks! 

Glimpse The Food

This list was inspired by Dom Harvey, who is a known brewer in Modern and lover of the weird deck. It looks to take the Glimpse of Tomorrow decks of old and make them more combo focused around the food cards. 

The food cards don’t just generate a lot of value, though you are hoping to overwhelm opponents with cards like Academy Manufactor. You also have combos that can generate infinite resources! 

This is done with Experimental Confectioner, Peregrin Took, Chatterfang and the previously mentioned Academy Manufactor. While that is a lot of cards for a Modern combo, your Glimpse turns can easily put all of these cards into play at one time. 

That amount of value out of nowhere can completely overwhelm even the pilot of this deck, and players assume you need everything to go right to pull this off properly. However, the addition of Devouring Sugarmaw has made it way easier to spit out a bunch of permanents in the early to mid game. 

I also have a transformational sideboard for this build where you take out your cascaders and the spells you plan to hit with them so that if someone sideboards in Chalice of the Void it’s not nearly as big a deal. 

You bring in three Teferi, Time Raveler, three copies of The One Ring, three Delighted Halflings and then play a normal sideboard from there to just juke the opponents. While I am not 100% sold on the idea yet, strategies like this are under explored by players, in my opinion. 

Yawgmoth Soul Cauldron

Yawgmoth is just a cracked deck now that Agatha’s Soul Cauldron exists. This artifact has been tearing up magic online, changing the way people play the deck and single handedly beating a lot of older plans to handle this archetype. 

That’s because, in the past, you had a few pretty good plans of attack into Yawgmoth. The first was to just kill them, which honestly still works. They need a reasonable life total to do their thing, after all. And while it’s easier now for Yawgmoth decks to get around this, you can still apply that pressure.

The other plan is to try and answer the creatures that make this deck work. But if you’re leaning on just countering and spot removing Yawgmoth, that plan is no longer tenable thanks to Agatha’s Soul Cauldron turning anything into the founder of Phyrexia. 

This makes matchups like Scam, Murktide, and Jund Saga all much better since you’re not really relying on Grist to carry the game. Even so, Grist still works with Soul Cauldron, so we don’t need to be that concerned.

If you’re interested in playing Yawgmoth, you can always check out this article that teaches you how to do so. Things have changed, but the combo itself still applies!

Speaking of combo, I have added a new one to the deck: Walking Ballista with Undying creatures! 

If you use Soul Cauldron to exile Walking Ballista and put a counter on an undying creature with Blood Artist in play, you can remove the counter from the undying creature and shoot itself. This triggers undying, bringing it back with a counter for fresh ammo. And with infinite Blood Artist triggers, you have now won the game.

Besides, Ballista is just a good card with a deck full of mana dorks — and you can Chord of Calling for zero to find it. All in all, it’s a huge upgrade for this deck. I expect this to become stock once people see me and you (the readers) taking the list to new heights! 

THE BEAN (Four color control)

I talked last week about why I’m not a huge believer in Up the Beanstalk in Modern Four Color decks (an area in which I’m a bit of an expert). However, if you were online this weekend, you saw X was flooded with beans!

So what happened? Well, I stand by the analysis from before — but now people have built decks with the bean in mind, which makes for a whole, other story. 

Adding cards like Time Warp to maximize your planeswalkers and be a win condition with Wrenn and Six is the type of new direction I think a card like Up the Beanstalk needed. Simply playing all the evoke creatures and Leyline Binding is OK, but not enough to fully maximize the card. 

Bullwinkkle on Magic Online is the creator of this deck, and he has a reputation for innovating and pushing archetypes forward in a real way. Keep an eye out for his results! I love his list and don’t have any real changes. 

End Step

Modern is a deep and weirdly underexplored format. If you’re going into the Regional Championship Qualifier season, Rakdos Evoke, Yawgmoth and Rhinos are my picks for the best decks — but all of the lists mentioned today can win an RCQ. Mastering and enjoying the deck you play in modern will go a long way.