Arena Championship Issues: Assessing the Value of Alchemy

Mason Clark Alchemy, Events, Standard

This past weekend Wizards of the Coast held a huge tournament: the first Arena Championship. It featured some of the best players in the world — with names like Shōta Yasooka and Sam Rolph — who battled it out for $200,000 dollars in prizes. When looking at the event from the outside, it had everything needed to be a spectacle …

Mono Green Devotion Guide for Pioneer

Mason Clark Pioneer

Pioneer has given players a lot to talk about since the first Regional Championship will ask that players compete using the format. Yet in the months since that announcement, as players searched for something that could bring them the coveted victory, one deck has stayed on top of the metagame: Mono Green Devotion.  Since this summer, the deck has been …

Fringe Modern Decks Post Dominaria United

Fringe Decks Crushing Modern Post Dominaria United

Mason Clark Modern, Strategy

Modern was in the middle of a staleness problem before Dominaria United. While the top end of the metagame has looked relatively the same for almost a year now, players have made innovations and sideboard plans to at least keep the games interesting. But from a diversity standpoint, things have been incredibly lacking. However, this past weekend’s Magic Online challenges …

Dominaria United five updated decks for Pioneer

Dominaria United: Five updated decks for Pioneer

Mason Clark Pioneer, Strategy

To commemorate Dominaria United releasing next week in paper and this week on Magic Online, we are going over five decks featuring new cards for the Pioneer format. These archetypes range from familiar faces to possible new contenders, so they should prepare players for the new challenges ahead of them. Jeskai Ascendancy Jeskai Ascendency is one of the cards people …

Combo in Pioneer

Combo in Pioneer: August 2022

Mason Clark Pioneer, Strategy

Combos are an often inescapable part of older formats, even though they have been largely stamped out in the Pioneer format. Inverter of Truth, Underworld Breach and many more cards ended up banned by Wizards of the Coast to help keep the format in line with their vision. However, despite the company’s best effort to keep combo decks down, they …

Expressive Iteration’s domination of Magic formats

Mason Clark Legacy, Modern, Pioneer, Standard

Expressive Iteration is in every top deck in every format it’s legal in. If you go and check the data, Standard, Modern and Legacy are all run by the best card draw spell printed since Treasure Cruise. Pioneer, a format where Treasure Cruise is legal, recently banned Expressive Iteration. So, how is this little uncommon that didn’t even get noticed …