The Ruinous Powers Precon Upgrade Guide

The Ruinous Powers Precon Upgrade Guide

Scott CullenCommander

It has been some time coming, but we finally know what Universes Beyond: Warhammer 40k will look like. It is perhaps the most ambitious Magic crossover project to date — four new preconstructed decks centered on one of the factions from the Warhammer 40k universe and full of many more new cards than usual. They’re all sure to pique the interest …

How to build treasure decks in Commander

How to Build Treasure Decks in Commander

Scott CullenCommander

It’s no secret treasures have been shaping the Commander landscape at all power levels for the past couple of years. In fact, it’s often unusual for a game of Commander to not feature at least a couple of treasure tokens. The count and quality of these cards have even become so great that treasures are the third most popular theme …

Legends Legacy Precon Upgrade guide

Legends’ Legacy Precon Upgrade Guide

Scott CullenCommander, Products

Dominaria United is here, and it’s shaping up to be an epic set featuring countless legends, both new and returning. The main themes are legendary creatures and domain, and the preconstructed Commander decks releasing alongside the main set reflect these concepts. Today, I’ll be taking a look at the Legends’ Legacy precon — a deck that wants to leverage the …

Playing with Planeswalkers as Commanders

Playing with Planeswalker Commanders

Scott CullenCommander, Strategy

Commander is all about identity. Most decks are focused on the commanders and the influence they have on the deck: the colors you can play are decided by them, and the themes and style of play are intrinsically linked to their abilities. Some of the most unique deck identities come from a particular type of commander: planeswalkers. Some planeswalkers are …

Seven Commander decks to own

Seven Decks Every Commander Player Should Own

Scott CullenCommander, Strategy

Commander is, perhaps, the largest sandbox environment in gaming. There are countless commanders, cards and archetypes available — to the point where it’s impossible to build every combination. Many Commander players can struggle with this extreme level of choice, and decision paralysis is something I personally experience often when deciding on decks to build. However, there is a sort of …

Has Red Been Fixed in Commander?

Has Red been fixed in Commander?

Scott CullenCommander

Red has changed. Not too long ago, some players called on Wizards of the Coast to “fix” Red in Commander. At the time, that slice of the color pie felt in need of a boost, much like how White felt not too long ago.  While still powerful in formats where Burn decks thrived, Red was far from a good place …

Budget commander

Even more budget equivalents to Commander staples

Scott CullenCommander

There’s no denying that the ubiquity of pricey Commander staples can make them feel like required game pieces, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Generally speaking, budget has very little impact on power level when building a Commander deck. After all, as I explained in the first installment of this topic, many popular cards are expensive either because …

Building a Modular Commander Deck

Scott CullenCommander

Why build one Commander deck when you could build four? Backgrounds make the more accessible than ever, as Scott tries it out! It’s nice to have a wide range of decks to play with. You can play a number of different strategies to suit the mood, and since there are so many, they’ll keep you engaged and interested for a …