Dominaria United Drafting by Numbers

Dominaria United: Draft by Numbers

Tom AndersonLimited, Strategy

Welcome back to the second, more scientific section of our Dominaria United draft guide!  With a bit more time and a lot more data under our belts since the format’s release, Limited players can now supplement natural intuition and personal judgment with statistical insights on how to consistently find a winning deck. Using large online datasets for this sort of …

Dominaria United Draft Guide

Dominaria United Draft Guide

Tom AndersonLimited

As a plane, Dominaria’s mechanical identity is roughly “Magic the way Richard Garfield intended” — and Dominaria United returns to the core gameplay values people praised in the last Dominaria draft format.  Matches are slower on average than in Streets of New Capenna or even Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. A lot of cards lock their power behind kicker costs or activated …

Dominaria United Commander Set review

Dominaria United: Commander Set Review

Kristen GregoryCommander

Dominaria United is upon us, and many Commander players just want to know what the best cards in the set are. Today, I’ll break down what’s great from the set. DMU has a bunch of cards aimed at Standard and some pretty niche effects, too. I won’t be covering these, as they don’t add enough value to your collection. We’re …

Dominaria United Painbow Precon Upgrade Guide

Dominaria United: Painbow Precon Upgrade Guide

Tom AndersonCommander, Strategy

Dominaria United is bringing Commander back to the home plane of Magic at last, with its deep wellspring of legacy characters and lore references stretching back almost 30 years. It’s appropriate, then, that the primary commander choice for today’s Painbow precon upgrade guide is also making his triumphant return after a prolonged absence: TIP OF THE WUBRG Once upon a …

Dominaria United five updated decks for Pioneer

Dominaria United: Five updated decks for Pioneer

Mason ClarkPioneer, Strategy

To commemorate Dominaria United releasing next week in paper and this week on Magic Online, we are going over five decks featuring new cards for the Pioneer format. These archetypes range from familiar faces to possible new contenders, so they should prepare players for the new challenges ahead of them. Jeskai Ascendancy Jeskai Ascendency is one of the cards people …

Compare and Contrast, Legends Retold

Compare and contrast: MTG Legends Retold

Tom AndersonCommander

Dominaria United preview season is officially over, and as expected when returning to the original home plane of Magic, Wizards of the Coast served us a full portion of nostalgia. While the new storyline with Phyrexia is quite reminiscent of (and full of callbacks to) Invasion, there’s an even deeper layer of references to MTG history with the Legends Retold …