Top 10 Doctor Who Companion Pairings

Top 10 Doctor Who Companion Pairings

Jacob LacknerCommander

Doctor Who is timeless, but the newest Universes Beyond set reaches our timeline on Friday! The set manages to include every iteration of the Doctor and a whole slew of their companions, which is reflected in the “Doctor’s companion” mechanic itself. But with 15 doctors and 27 companions, how will you figure out which Doctor/Companion pairings are best? Well, you …

What to expect from Assassin's Creed Universes Beyond

Assassin’s Creed Will Be a Great Universes Beyond Set

Kristen GregoryCommander, Modern

Assassin’s Creed is set to be a Modern legal Universes Beyond booster product. How big the set will be remains to be seen, but what’s really on our minds is the set’s overall potential. Kristen takes us through her thoughts on a franchise she’s waxed and waned on over the years. During Wizards of the Coasts’ Gen Con panel, they …

Universes Beyond brings Transformers to The Brothers’ War

Tom AndersonCommander, Design, Products

Wizards made an announcement on Friday which will completely transform how their Universes Beyond designs fit into the wider hobby. They announced that Set and Collectors Boosters for The Brothers’ War will be… more than meets the eye with the addition of Transformers. Yes, after dancing around the idea for years, tournament legal Transformers cards are finally going to be …

A Guide to Magic: The Gathering in 2022

Tom AndersonProducts

Editor’s Note, 1/20/22: This article originally listed Q2 2022 as the timeframe for UNFINITY’s release. The product release has since been postponed until the latter half of 2022. Wow. If any of you out there joined me in tuning into WotC’s latest big product announcement stream a few hours ago, you know how overwhelming it can be. Our future flashed …