Are Creature-Only Commander Decks More Powerful?

Are Creature-Only Commander Decklists More Powerful?

Tom AndersonCommander

Have you ever looked at your deck and thought “do I have too many creatures here”? Unless you were playing way back when Shivan Dragon was the best threat available, the very idea of “too many creatures” probably sounds weird. The power and utility offered by creature cards has been steadily growing throughout Magic’s history, and expectations of their role …

Cutest creatures in MTG

The Cutest Creatures in MTG

Chris CornejoStandard

Dominaria United previews are in full swing, and both the cards and story paint a dark picture for the Magic multiverse. Powerful creatures abound, massive changes are happening to our favorite MTG characters and Phyrexia marches on. In the middle of all this, one card in particular caught my attention.  LOOKITTHELITTLEFIREBIRDYIT’SSOCAYUUUUTE!  Ahem.  That’s right, as you probably already saw from …