Wilds of Eldraine Updated Decks for Standard

Wilds of Eldraine: Updated Decks for Standard

Tom AndersonStandard

I’ve been keeping a close eye on the early Standard decks post-Wilds of Eldraine, and I’m sure I’m not the only one with great expectations. The original Throne of Eldraine was among the most impactful sets ever, immediately reshaping not only Standard but every other format, too.  Wilds of Eldraine doesn’t seem to include must-ban outliers on the level of …

Dominaria United five updated decks for Pioneer

Dominaria United: Five updated decks for Pioneer

Mason ClarkPioneer, Strategy

To commemorate Dominaria United releasing next week in paper and this week on Magic Online, we are going over five decks featuring new cards for the Pioneer format. These archetypes range from familiar faces to possible new contenders, so they should prepare players for the new challenges ahead of them. Jeskai Ascendancy Jeskai Ascendency is one of the cards people …