Pioneer Regional Championship Check-in: October 2023

Pioneer Regional Championship Check-in: October 2023

Mason ClarkPioneer

All eyes have been on Modern Regional Championship Qualifiers lately, but the first round of Regional Championships playing Pioneer wrapped up this weekend. There were some interesting, key developments worth mentioning, so let’s not beat around the bugs and jump right into exploring them.  Izzet Phoenix  Phoenix won the Canadian RC while also putting up good results in the EU …

Regional Championship Prep Pioneer

Regional Championship Prep, April 2023: Pioneer

Michael RappPioneer, Strategy

The current Regional Championship season has just begun, and it is the first of the format locked seasons. This means every constructed RCQ for the next few months will be Pioneer.  In many areas, Modern RCQs have had higher attendance than Pioneer RCQs during the last couple of seasons, so there is certainly a contingent of players who are looking …

Regional Championship Prep: standard

Regional Championship Prep, March 2023: Standard

Mason ClarkStandard

Standard is back in full swing with the upcoming round of Regional Championships centered on the format. With all eyes on preparing for high level Standard gameplay, the question on everyone’s mind has to be: am I going to have fun playing?  Actually, yes. Standard is incredibly healthy right now. There are Combo, Tempo, Midrange and Aggro decks all doing …

Pioneer Tier List December 2022

Pioneer Tier List: December 2022

Mason ClarkPioneer, Strategy

Despite a Standard focused San Diego Regional Championship on the horizon, we’re back to Pioneer Regional Championship Qualifier season again! With eyes turning back to this format, we made a tier list of all the top decks to see where things have shaken out post Dreamhack Atlanta. That way, when the season starts on Jan. 7, you’re ready to lock …