Pioneer Tier List December 2022

Pioneer Tier List: December 2022

Mason ClarkPioneer, Strategy

Despite a Standard focused San Diego Regional Championship on the horizon, we’re back to Pioneer Regional Championship Qualifier season again! With eyes turning back to this format, we made a tier list of all the top decks to see where things have shaken out post Dreamhack Atlanta. That way, when the season starts on Jan. 7, you’re ready to lock …

Modern Tier List November 2022

Modern Tier List: Nov. 2022

Michael RappModern

Welcome back for the Nov. 2022 update to the Card Kingdom Modern Tier list! This month was a bit slow for Modern tournaments, as both SCG Philadelphia and all of the Regional Championships played Pioneer. However, we still have some solid, online data to look at for November. The Brothers’ War has been out for a couple of weeks, and …

Modern Tier list: September 2022

Modern Tier List: Sept. 2022

Michael RappModern, Strategy

Modern Tier List: September 2022 Welcome back for the September 2022 edition of Card Kingdom’s Modern Tier List! In September, we have all of the normal MTGO challenges, a Modern Showcase on MTGO and the Grand Open Qualifier in Paris.  Dominaria United has settled in now, and we’re beginning to see Modern shift along with those new additions. This has …

Modern Tier List: February 2022

Michael RappModern

Welcome back for the February 2022 edition of the Modern Tier List! Last week, we had not only the two Modern SCG events, but two MTGO Challenges and a MTGO PTQ to pull data from. We normally don’t get to look at five large tournaments in just one weekend, so we have a much clearer picture of the metagame than …

Modern Tier List Jan 2022

Modern Tier List: January 2022

Michael RappModern

Welcome back for the January 2022 edition of Modern Tier List! Over the last month, we’ve seen three decks really separate themselves from the field, making for a much smaller A Tier than we’re used to. That means that several of the heavy hitters are getting relegated to B Tier this month, while some combo decks are starting to fight …

December 2021 Modern Tier List

Modern Tier List: December 2021

Michael RappModern

Hello, and welcome to another edition of the Modern Tier List! Modern is a wide and complex format with a lot of movement, which often makes ranking decks tricky. As such, this list is best viewed as a snapshot in time to help influence how you can build and update your deck week-to-week.  Before we dive into the list, here’s …