Deification Across Magic Formats

Deification Across Magic Formats

Tom AndersonOathbreaker, Pioneer, Standard

Planeswalkers may have lost some potency in the multiverse of Magic, but they did receive one exciting new tool: Deification. Tom explores how this enchantment opens up lots of opportunities across formats to build novel decks. For the most powerful mages in Magic’s Multiverse, planeswalkers sure are taking some L’s lately. First March of the Machine thinned their ranks, and …

Fun and Underappreciated Decks to Play in Pioneer

Fun and Underappreciated Decks to Play in Pioneer

Mason ClarkPioneer

Pioneer is one of Magic’s most diverse formats. The threat pool is large while the answers are fewer in number, meaning many decks can execute a diverse array of game plans and succeed. And while the meta has produced a handful of “best decks,” it’s still possible to have fun with a Pioneer deck your opponent rarely runs into.  Today, …

Regional Championship Prep Pioneer

Regional Championship Prep, April 2023: Pioneer

Michael RappPioneer, Strategy

The current Regional Championship season has just begun, and it is the first of the format locked seasons. This means every constructed RCQ for the next few months will be Pioneer.  In many areas, Modern RCQs have had higher attendance than Pioneer RCQs during the last couple of seasons, so there is certainly a contingent of players who are looking …

Pioneer Challenger Decks Upgrades

Michael RappPioneer

With Pioneer RCQ season coming up in a couple of months, players unfamiliar with the format may be looking to get their feet wet beforehand. In order to practice and play, you’ll need a deck, but buying into a deck before you know if you like it could be a pricey endeavor.  Luckily, the two rounds of Pioneer challenger decks …