Aggro Is Really Good In Commander Right Now

Aggro is Really Good in Commander Right Now

Kristen GregoryCommander

Aggro is enjoying something of a renaissance in Commander right now. Thanks to numerous changes to how people build and play, and a myriad of new pushed cards, it’s never been a better time to turn creatures sideways. Kristen digs in to find out why – and whether the new Voja is a little too pushed.  I’ve always been one …

The five best aggro decks in Modern

The Five Best Aggro Decks in Modern

Michael RappModern

Aggression has always been a common play style in Modern, but it has outgrown hyper-linear decks that “try to kill your opponent as fast as possible without interacting” — decks like Burn. That’s why you won’t see the famous archetype on this list of the best Aggro decks in Modern despite the fact that it’s still around and seeing play. …