Modern deck spotlight September 2022

Modern Deck Spotlight: Sept. 2022

Michael Rapp Modern, Strategy

I wanted to try something different from my normal longer, more in-depth pieces focusing on one deck, so welcome to Card Kingdom’s first Modern Deck Spotlight. The goal of this series is to introduce new or interesting decks from the past weekend of high level play, just to help familiarize players with decks they may not have seen before.  Last …

Dominaria United five cards for Modern

Dominaria United: Top Five Cards for Modern

Michael Rapp Modern, Strategy

All of the sweet new Dominaria United cards will become legal on Sept. 9, and as always, I’m keeping a close eye on the spoilers to see if anything can impact the Modern landscape. The good news is we’re in business!  Unlike some recent Standard release sets that contained little more than sideboard cards or fringe roleplayers, Dominaria United has …

Efficiency in Modern

Examining Efficiency in Modern Magic

Michael Rapp Modern, Strategy

Magic has such a wide vocabulary associated with it that words begin to mean different things to different people. “Efficiency” is one such word, and its meaning has changed over the lifespan of Modern.  The technical definition of efficiency is, “the ratio of the useful work performed by a machine or in a process to the total energy expended or …

Temur Creativity Modern

Modern Deck Guide: Temur Creativity

Michael Rapp Modern, Strategy

Indomitable Creativity has shown up a few times, in a few different versions, during the last year or so of Modern’s history. The shells change, but the core game plan has stayed the same: control the board, then use Indomitable Creativity to generate a huge mana advantage.  Previous versions of Creativity chose Serra’s Emissary and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn as …

Preparing for MTG tournaments

A Winner’s MTG Mentality: Preparing for Tournaments

Michael Rapp Modern, Pioneer, Standard, Strategy

As the Regional Championship Qualifier season gets into full swing, many people will be playing in more competitive MTG tournaments than they have in a long time. As players return to paper Magic, it is important that they come back with the right mentality. Like anything else in life that involves competition, if you want to win, you’ll need to …

Modern Tier List: July 2022

Michael Rapp Modern

Michael’s back with another update to the Modern Tier List! With lots of high-level play over the last month, there’s been a lot of movement! Welcome back to the Modern Tier List for July 2022 on Card Kingdom! This month has featured high level competitive events including a 400+ player MTGO PTQ and SCG Syracuse, and of course we can …

Modern Metagame Update

Michael Rapp Modern

With several major events this past weekend, Michael takes a look at how the metagame for Modern is shaking out! With RCQ season underway players may be searching for the right deck to play for the season, or just a specific week. In recent weeks and months we’ve seen Four-Color Yorion touted as the best deck in Modern. However, that …

Pioneer Spirits Three Ways

Michael Rapp Pioneer

With Pioneer RCQ Season coming up, Michael takes a look at three versions of a popular archetype: Spirits! It is fairly common to see a broad strokes archetype have a variation to handle different challenges in the metagame, think Grixis vs Jund vs Mardu Death’s Shadow in Modern. However, it is much rarer for an archetype to have three successful …