MTG Character Profile: Mu Yanling

Mara Katz Magic Story

This article is part of a series of profiles of the major characters in Core Set 2020. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the life of Mu Yanling, a planeswalker first introduced in Magic’s Global Series. Mu Yanling grew up by the ocean on the Plane of Mountains and Seas. When her home was destroyed by a tidal wave, …

The Felidar Guardian May 2019

The Felidar Guardian Magic Story

In this month’s edition of The Felidar Guardian, the team investigates the aftermath of the War of the Spark. Get the scoop on Jace’s retirement party and learn about the Orzhov’s redevelopment plans for Bolas’s Citadel.

MTG Character Profile: Urza

Mara Katz Magic Story

Urza, Lord High Artificer may be one of the most anticipated cards in Modern Horizons. Urza has had a huge impact on Magic’s story, but he has never been represented on a black-bordered Magic card. After brief appearances in Vanguard and Unstable, Urza has finally arrived. Let’s take a deep dive into his life and legacy. Urza has been a …

Serra in Modern Horizons

Michelle Rapp Magic Story

With the dawn of Modern Horizons, the Magic community is looking forward to not just seeing a boost of new cards in the format, but also revisiting old worlds and seeing familiar characters. Wizards of the Coast chose to announce the set with a planeswalker that any Vorthos or older player would be excited to see: Serra. Rendered beautifully by …

MTG Character Profile: Sarkhan Vol

Mara Katz Magic Story

This is the fourth in a series of profiles of the planeswalkers appearing in War of the Spark. In this article, we’ll examine the story of Sarkhan Vol, a dragon-obsessed warrior who has served both Nicol Bolas and his rival Ugin. Disciple of Dragons Sarkhan was born on the plane of Tarkir, in a timeline where the plane’s dragons had …

MTG Planeswalkers’ Hogwarts Houses

Michelle Rapp Magic Story

Until recently, I considered myself a quintessential Harry Potter fan. A “Potterhead” who knew everything from the conversion rates of sickles to galleons (17 to 1), to the wand wood of Ollivander himself (hornbeam), to the Hogwarts House of Moaning Myrtle (Ravenclaw). I even have my own custom designed wand (also made of hornbeam). Before I started playing Magic: The …

MTG Character Profile: Tamiyo

Mara Katz Magic Story

This is the third in a series of profiles of some of the planeswalkers appearing in War of the Spark. In this article, we discuss the life and work of Tamiyo, a historian who often becomes involved in the events she tries to observe. The Moon Sage Tamiyo is a member of the soratami people from the plane of Kamigawa. …

War of the Spark: Flavor & Function

Justin Bagnall Design, Magic Story

I’ve always been intrigued by cards whose function matches their flavor. When I was a new player, I remember casting Ambush Viper during my main phase, and a friend showed me how much more powerful the effect would be if I cast it after she declared attackers. “Imagine my creatures charging across the battlefield. Then, out of nowhere, this little …

MTG Character Profile: Ral Zarek

Mara Katz Magic Story

This is the second in a series of profiles of some of the planeswalkers appearing in War of the Spark. Today, we’ll discuss the career of Ral Zarek: an Izzet weather wizard torn between loyalty to his guild and the power promised by Nicol Bolas. An Ambitious Izzet Mage Ral grew up in Ravnica’s Tenth District, where his affinity for …