Combo Living End

Combo Crash Course: Living End

Tom Anderson Design

Thanks for joining me for another Combo Crash Course, where we explain Magic’s most notorious combo decks. If you’ve always wanted to know more about legendary decks like Splinter Twin, but didn’t know where to ask, this is the place to be. Today’s subject is a decidedly modern example of graveyard combo. Not only because this deck has been part …

Crimson Vow Mechanic Spotlight Blood Tokens

Blood Tokens – MTG Mechanic Spotlight

Tom Anderson Design

The atmosphere is shifting on the horror-plane of Innistrad, from endless moonlit night to blood-drenched wedding day.  Innistrad: Crimson Vow isn’t just Midnight Hunt Part Two — it’s a full expansion set in its own right. That means debuting new mechanics alongside daybound/nightbound and disturb, and the vampiric guests of Olivia Voldaren’s big wedding are happy to oblige — with …

Crimson Vow’s New White Cards are Cracked

Kristen Gregory Design

There’s a lot to talk about for Innistrad: Crimson Vow already, and where better to begin than with the stellar new white cards we saw last week, including those on the first look stream, which was a blast to watch.  Thalia? In Standard? In This Economy? I can’t talk about new white cards without first discussing a stellar reprint into …

Daybound & Nightbound – MTG Mechanic Spotlight

Tom Anderson Design

We’ve reached the sunset of another spoiler season, so it’s time to introduce the mechanic which defines Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, if not the plane of Innistrad as a whole!  With a struggle breaking out in the lore over the threat of eternal night, what has previously been of concern to Werewolves alone is now heavily intertwined through all colors and …

Coven – MTG Mechanic Spotlight

Tom Anderson Design, Strategy

“The strong will hunt the weak” seems to be the dominant philosophy of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. But not all denizens of the haunted plane follow such twisted laws of nature! And we can see proof of this resistance in one of the set’s many innovative mechanics: coven. Coven is a green-white mechanic, seen on the witches of Harvesttide, their human …

Treasure Should Be In Every Magic Set

Why Treasure Should Be In Every Magic Set

Tom Anderson Design

After several weeks giving Adventures in the Forgotten Realms a good thrashing, I’ve come to a monumental and unexpected realization: Treasure is the most important mechanic in Magic: The Gathering. And that’s only partially because of all the Immersturm Predators it helps me cast turn three on the play! Not every mechanic needs to herald a huge evolution in how …

Magics Love Hate Relationship Stax Cards

Magic’s Love/Hate Relationship with Stax

Tom Anderson Community, Design

Just a few weeks ago, the Magic community was excited by the spoilers from Modern Horizons 2, one of the deepest and most powerful sets of all time. We were getting huge blasts of fresh and exciting design space every few hours. There was a planeswalker you can target with Green Sun’s Zenith or Unearth, new pitch spells that you …

The Elder Dragons of Strixhaven

Tom Anderson Design

After covering the complex utility of the Strixhaven Commands at the start of spoiler season and then the ultra-wordy, double-faced Deans cycle in my last column, I wanted to follow up with something a little more classic and straightforward. Luckily enough, there’s a third cycle of college-defining cards which fit the bill for us battlecruiser Magic enthusiasts: the Elder Dragons …

Strixhaven’s Secret Sauce is Red Mana

Kristen Gregory Commander, Design

Strixhaven looks to have a smorgasbord of powerful and exciting Magic cards. It seems to Kristen, though, that red is currently Magic’s Golden Child.  Looking through the previews for Strixhaven, it’s occurred to me that all of the most exciting designs involve red mana. It’s no secret that red has been the second-most maligned color from the players’ perspective in …