The Hits and Misses of Draft in 2022

The Hits and Misses of Draft in 2022

Tom AndersonLimited

Magic has been enjoying something of a golden age for Limited set design: a near-unbroken string of good-to-great formats, arguably stretching back to 2018’s Dominaria. And while players could still feel this run of form through most of 2022, they also saw evidence that an inevitable regression is coming. To sort out which sets belong in each category, I’ve created …

Jumpstart 2022 Early look

Jumpstart 2022: An Early Look

Chris CornejoLimited, Products

Jumpstart 2022, the fittingly-named follow up to the original Jumpstart, comes out right quick, releasing on Dec. 2. If you have questions about this supplemental set, which is an entire Limited ecosystem unto itself, we’ve gathered all the information available right here in one place. So without further ado, let’s jump in with the basics.  What is Jumpstart?  You may …

Dominaria United Drafting by Numbers

Dominaria United: Draft by Numbers

Tom AndersonLimited, Strategy

Welcome back to the second, more scientific section of our Dominaria United draft guide!  With a bit more time and a lot more data under our belts since the format’s release, Limited players can now supplement natural intuition and personal judgment with statistical insights on how to consistently find a winning deck. Using large online datasets for this sort of …

Winston Draft 101

Winston Draft 101

Card KingdomLimited

This Wednesday is Valentine’s Day, which often means one thing for partnered Magic players: Two-Headed Giant tournaments. But what if you and your sweetie would rather have a low-key night in than go out to the card shop? Fortunately, there are plenty of other fun formats made for two players, including one of our personal favorites, Winston Draft! Winston Draft …